Infinitel HotSpot Auto



Infinitel Hotspot Auto is a system service that takes usernames and passwords from a data base an creates and mantains hotspot users on User Manager.


Check an example:

The hotel has a SQL Server from the hotel management software that, logically, has a list of rooms and their respective guests. The service executes periodically a sql query over that database and takes the room number as the username for User Manager and the surname of the guest as the password. As soon as a guest checks in, the service updates the User Manager's user for that room number. The hotel's staff does not need to mantain the User Manager's users, neither has to generate vouchers for their guests.

The service can connect to any database that has a JDBC driver. Or use a CSV file as the user/password source with the open source CSVJDBC driver.

It connects to Mikrotik User Manager through the API service.


Java Runtime 1.7 or higher installed and available on path.


Uncompress to a folder. Place the JDBC driver jar file for your database on the lib subfolder.

Modify to match your settings.

To test the application it comes with the CSVJDBC driver included, a data sample file placed on the data subfolder and an update rate of 2 minutes configured. Just set up hotspot.* values yo match your Mikrotik settings.

You can find the output log on log\hotspotauto.log, where you can see the created/removed users or any error produced during execution.

  • To install Windows service: HotSpotAuto.exe install
  • To start Windows service: HotSpotAuto.exe start
  • To stop Windows service: HotSpotAuto.exe stop
  • To uninstall Windows service: HotSpotAuto.exe uninstall
  • To run it from command line without installing the Windows service: java -jar HotSpotAuto-1.0.jar