Infinitel HotSpot Manager Web



Infinitel HotSpotWeb for Mikrotik is an application with a web interface to generate customized printed tickets with randomly generated or predefined usernames and passwords for one more Mikrotik User Manager based HotSpots. HotSpotWeb also provides a RESTful API to provide third party systems integration to manage the application settings, generate users, print tickets and perform any RouterOS API command against the registered devices through HTTP/JSON.

HotSpotWeb connects to the registered Mikrotik User Manager throught RouterOS API devices and prints to a thermal ESC/POS printer either local or with network support (wifi or ethernet) to generate paper tickets.

Infinitel HotSpotWeb supports as many Mikrotik User Manager profiles as you need. You can set your Mikrotik User Manager to set tickets duration in minutes, hours, days or weeks and print them with a single touch.

The app allows you to setup many options:

  • Can be installed as Windows service or started from command line
  • Define available RouterOS devices
  • Define available printers (local or TCP)
  • Setup as many profiles/credits as needed per device
  • Define the username prefix and length per device
  • Define the password length per device
  • Define list of predefined reusable usernames per device
  • Define multiple customized ticket/voucher formats:
    • Format your text font: bold, underlined, double tall, double wide
    • Align it to left, center or right
    • Print your custom logo
    • Set autocut paper if printer supports it.

HotSpotWeb is compatible with Mikrotik RouterOS 5.12+ or 6.0+.


Check User's Manual



Check a video of Hotspot Web being setup and working